We offer personalization and customization using:

We have access to thousands of designs, just give us an idea of what you're looking for.  If you
prefer to use your own logo or design, we can do that for you, too!  It's best if you can send us
the design electronically.  If not, let us know and we'll make other arrangements to
accommodate you.

If you see a design that you like, take down the item number and let me know which site you found it on and what you would like it stitched on! Just click on the "Contact Us" link to send me the information.  I will get back to you shortly with any questions and a price quote.  Keep in mind that all thread colors are interchangeable and that we can add text to personalize it even more for you.  

Dakota Collectibles

Embroidery Island


What items can be embroidered?  
Our rule of thumb is if it can be hooped, it can be
embroidered!  We've embroidered everything from shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, jeans,
bathrobes, aprons, hats, baby clothes, bibs, towels, blankets, tote bags, table cloths, table
runners, dog clothes, horse saddle blankets...the list goes on and on!!

What designs can you embroider?  We have access to literally thousands of embroidery
designs.  Any ideas you can think of we can stitch!  If we can't find a particular design you're
interested in, we can use your photo or sketch to have it created.

Can you do photo transfers?  You betcha!  Just give us the photo!  The higher the resolution of
the photo, the better the transfer will turn out.  With our new direct-to-garment digital printer, we
can print the photo directly onto the shirt!  

What about my business logo?  We can re-create your logo in embroidery, screen printing and
to use as a heat transfer or to digitally print it..

What if the design is trademarked?  We can't use a trademarked design without permission
from the licensed owner of the design.

Do I get the shirts or do you get them?  Whatever is easiest for you.  We have accounts with
many different wholesalers and more than likely can get the things you want at a lower price.

How much time do you need?  Let us know up front when you need the work completed by.  If
we are ordering the item(s) for you, please allow a week for us to receive the item(s).  We can
put a rush on the delivery of the order at an additional cost.  Once they're in-house, we can
usually have them done within the next day or two.

The following links are catalogs that you can browse to find items that you'd like to customize. Please make note of the style name and number that you like.

The Corporate Choice

Company Casuals

Promo Headwear

Rockett Screenprinting & Embroidery, dba Rockett Designs, is owned and operated by Sandy Rockett in Ledyard, Connecticut